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Gemini Man (2019) เจมิไน แมน

Gemini Man

Gemini Man Henry Brogan, a former Force Recon Marine Scout Sniper and a 51-year-old Force Recon Marine Scout Sniper is employed as an assassin for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Henry Brogan is responsible for the murder of a bio-terrorist on the train in Belgium. His spotter informs him that a little girl is advancing towards his goal. Henry was not happy about shooting the man with his neck.

Henry meets Danny, the manager of the company that rents boats located in Buttermilk Sound, Georgia. He reunites with Jack, his old acquaintance, and discovers that Yuri the informant has claimed that the victim in the train attack was innocent. Lassiter, the agency’s director, is then able to murder Henry. Clay Varris, the director of a private criminal company called “GEMINI” is refused permission.

Henry discovers that Danny is an agent for the government, and he follows him. Henry is acquaintance with her and makes use of his phone number to contact the government after his home is attacked by government agents. Jack as well as his girlfriend are also killed. Henry warns Danny, and they shoot the assassins who chase them. They discover that the agency wants them both to die.

Henry and Danny escape Danny and Baron Henry escape with Baron Henry’s former colleague who is hiding at Baron Henry’s house and arranging for Yuri. Henry and Henry escape to Colombia with Baron Henry’s former colleague, Baron Henry. Clay then invites Junior the son he adopted to assist him in getting the job done.

Danny thinks that the person who killed him could be Henry’s child even though Henry denies it. Desperate for clarification, Henry has Baron obtain an Gulfstream and bring the dead to Hungary. Testing DNA recovered from Junior, Danny discovers that Henry’s DNA and Junior’s are identical – Junior is Henry’s clone. Henry gets together with Yuri to learn about the GEMINI Cloning Program. The person who was killed was a scientist who came up with a method of making clones that are free from pain and emotion.

Henry contacts Lassiter and he is willing to send Junior to take Danny back to the safety of his home. Junior gets confronted by Henry, who reveals that they are both clones and have the same traits.

Junior escapes to GEMINI and confronts Clay who tells him that the only way to win is by defeating Henry in order to beat him. Finding Henry, Junior allies with him to fight Clay and Henry insists on Junior to quit in order to make himself more successful. Baron is killed in an ambush which is initiated by Clay, with Junior hitting Clay unconscious following a brief hand-to-hand combat.

Henry, Danny and Junior fight off a group of GEMINI agents. The trio now have to fight another seemingly invincible operative with body armor that is specially designed for them. They can severely injure the man and then they are able to identify him as an older version of Henry who lacks emotions and the capacity to feel hurt. Clay is defeated and is attempting to defend himself against Junior. Clones with the same abilities as Henry could save soldiers’ lives and ensure that their operations are highly successful. Junior is devastated and plans to kill Clay. Henry convinces Junior to shoot Clay and convinces him not to.

Henry is sure there are no further clones and believes they’re all free. Junior is able to meet Henry later, who has enrolled at college under the assumed “Jackson Brogan” and is named after Henry.